kit home by Affordable Steel Kit Homes

the site is prepared

foundations laid

the house arrives on the back of a truck

the team from Steelbuilt Homes laying the floor joists

the floor is laid

the frame goes up

30 mins later it starts to look like a house

UNDATOKA hands up a roof truss

trusses are up

preparing for the roof to go on

roof is almost all on

on with the hardiplank


more wall up

now for the front of the house

the last wall finished

we'll soon be getting into hot water


After finally finishing the house's first stage we began to move in
Vicki was keen to try it out, I was too. so we started moving in

some walls inside


wall insulation

cut and pasting the ceiling

Wayne, one of our helpers


Jim the magician

laying the "floating" floor

That was just the begining ...

some paint on the outside

the panels that supply our electrickery and hot water


we had some verandahs built to keep the rain and summer sun away

the entrance guarded by the fierce cat Saddam Mousein,
"bearer of weapons of mouse destruction!"



back verandah to hold up the inflatable spa


ahh a poo with a veiw


The caravan still stands from where we had moved
and has been done up as a spare room for our visitors
with a cosy annexe with skylight and glass door



We also added a shipping container


which is being turned into a studio and workshop tool shed

some of the locals, Myrtle the pea-hen and her young pea-chic

a young prettyface wallaby

mummy prettyface

flowers and vegies all mixed up

part of the back yard